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How it began

Coming from a family of winegrowers, I represent the 4th generation. I grew up in Margaux, just outside of Bordeaux, France on the family farm. Vineyards and wine have always been a part of my environment. In 2015, when the moment came to seize my chance at operating a vineyard and winery all by myself, I dived right in...

Behind the name

The name Maison Areion has a deeply personal meaning to me. My sister, a professional horseback rider, sustained a traumatic brain injury; yet she continues her journey as a part of the French Dressage Team for the Paralympics in Paris in 2024.
In Greek mythology, Areion is a horse with the gift of speech. Choosing this name for my winery is my way to pay tribute to my sister.

In that spirit, I aim to create a winery that is based on humility and passion. I’m inspired to do the work myself in every step of the process from farming to winemaking. And I take immense pride in making sure there’s quality in everything from the vineyard to the cellar.

Single Vineyard

Planted in 1987 and sitting at 1,400 feet elevation, Chaine d'Or Vineyards benefit from higher natural acidity characteristics. This quality has enabled the vineyard to produce Chardonnay with subtle undertones of mineral and cabernet-sauvignon with very elegant tannins more akin to Mountain fruit but with a more extreme diurnal shift that lends towards more brightness and freshness.

When you hire a craftsman, you hire more than his service. You buy hundreds of hours of failures and experiments.
Nicolas Vonderheyden
Nicolas Vonderheyden, Founder & Winemaker

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Nicolas Vonderheyden
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Nicolas Vonderheyden
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